Candle (double) urn for ashes 'Heart' in several colors

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Handmade Cremation (double) Urn for Ashes 'Heart'
This handmade cremation urn for ashes with candle, called 'Heart' is a true symbol of love and remembrance. Made from high-quality ceramic to offer a lasting memory, this artisan memorial can also serve as part of a companion urn set.

The candle holder allows a memorial candle to be lit in a time of remembrance, making this urn a great addition to any interior.

Unique handcrafted processes and exceptional know-how
Thanks to a team of passionately committed designers, This company creates beautiful pieces each year that are inspired by art and modern design.

From glazing to modeling, as well as carving, etching, painting, a team of expert artists and designers keeps alive the ancient crafts and methods of turning ceramics into art. Unique craft processes that are applied in the design of each handmade urn for ashes, as well as in keepsakes, pet urns and accessories.

The artisan as artist
The birth of the models begins with the original idea of its author. With his hands and traditional tools, the sculptor gives shape, in clay or plasticine, to an sketch based on his own inspiration and a elaborate process of documentation that, in the case of real life figures, often requires live modeling.

Shape and form
Once the sketch has been modelled, the exciting artistic development of the original model begins. The technical team must visualize and define the fragments in which each piece will be broken down in order to reproduce it later. There are ceramic urn models so complex that they need to be divided into more than 20 fragments.

These fragments will form the basis to create the matrix molds, that are used to obtain the definitive molds. This carefully executed artistic process, from the birth of the idea until the ceramic urn is ready to be reproduced in ceramics, can take up to a year for the most complex creations in the exclusive cremation urns collection.

Perfection to the smallest detail
Century-old gestures and know-how, passed down from generation to generation are what it takes to achieve perfection in each process. Mastering various techniques, like pottery wheel throwing, sculpting and carving is at the heart of every product we make.

The magic of ceramics
To bring the piece to life, their definitive moulds are filled with liquid ceramic that slowly sets inside. With great care, the artists carefully extract the parts of this magical puzzle and recompose them. The molds deteriorate with use, so every once in a while it is necessary to re-create them from their original matrix.

Masters of color
Another key moment in this creative phase is the glazing of the piece. With over 80 different colors, the palette is in constant evolution, continuously adding new tonalities created expressly for some pieces.

The know-how allows the brand to offer a wide variety of decorative techniques -liquid colors, lusters, enamels, - as well as different textures and finishes - gloss, matte, satin.

Masters in painting apply the colors with a steady hand, delicately outlining the tiniest detail.

The test of fire
Firing in the kiln - a key moment, that our products go through twice. As the artists say, ceramics is alive and it is in the kiln where the success of each handmade piece is judged.

In the kiln, the our creations undergo temperatures of up to 1,200ºC (2,200ºF) for a whole night and the true colors come to the surface.

Quest for excellence
The pieces are selected not only according to technical criteria (absence of defects) but also according to aesthetic considerations, paying full respect to the creative team.s intentions.

The search for perfection also extends to quality control, where the finished product undergoes various tests that certify that it fulfils the high standards demanded by the brand.

Shapes of spirit
From artist's inspiration, through glazing and firing, all the way to the packaging, the team is dedicated in creating not just handmade urns, but Shapes of spirit.

Excellence is also applied in the packaging, customized to the individual features of each piece in order to ensure that it reaches its final destination safely and in perfect conditions.

More Information
Delivery time10 - 14 working days
Shape / Symbol / ThemeHeart(s), Other shapes
ColorSeveral colors
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)31.5 x 16 x 16
Dimensions (h x w x d inch)12.4 x 6.3 x 6.3
Volume in liter4
Volume in cu inch244
Suitable forHolding the full amount of ashes
Suitable forBoth with and without ash bag
Suitable forIndoor