Memorial jewelry, ash jewelry such as ash charms, cremation ashes pendants and ash rings help to keep your loved one close

After the farewell and cremation of a loved one, many people feel the need to keep the deceased as close to them as possible. Ash jewelry offers the solution.

You can, of course, place the ashes of your loved one in an urn and give it a beautiful spot in your home, but you can also choose to carry a symbolic amount of ashes with you in ash jewelry. In this way, you will always carry your loved one with you. It is also possible to place a lock of hair, a bit of earth from the grave or a piece of fabric from, for example, the favourite piece of clothing in our ash jewelry. It is quite easy to fill the ash jewellery yourself. When you order a piece of jewellery, such as an ash ring or an ash pendant, we send you filling instructions. As a rule, you do not need more than a quarter to half a teaspoon of ash to fill the jewelry. We recommend gluing the jewelry at all times so the screw does not come loose. There are also ash jewelry pieces with the ashes incorporated in the piece. These jewelry pieces are incorporated into the piece of jewellery by our silversmith.

It is important to us that you can wear ash jewelry alongside your own. Our rings, pendants, earrings, ash charms and bracelets are designed in such a way that it is not visible to an outsider that you are wearing an ash jewelry. You decide for yourself whether you want to tell others. We offer unique, elegant and contemporary commemorative jewelry for every day.

Wearing memorial jewelry and cremation ash pendants is becoming increasingly popular

In the funeral industry, as in any industry, there are trends that come and go, but sometimes they stay. Jewelry for the family of the deceased is a good example of this. Nowadays, more people are cremated than buried in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia, a trend that will continue in the coming years. Parallel to this trend, more and more ways of preserving the ashes of the deceased have been developed in recent years. In addition to urns in all shapes and sizes, jewelry for family of the deceased is now also available. These are jewels in which you can keep part of the ashes of your loved one. Think of it as a kind of mini urn, but in the form of an ash piece, such as an ash pendant, ash ring, earring, necklace, bracelet or small sculpture. An ash piece is a tangible reminder of your deceased loved one. These pieces are easy to order online. At present, wearing ashes in a piece of jewelry is a growing trend. This form of remembrance is personal, easy to realise and can be carried out in one's own taste. It therefore looks as if this ash jewelry trend will not go away.

Why buy ash jewelry and memorial jewelry at legendURN?

We offer ash jewelry that can be worn by both adults and children. Our ash jewelry and memorial jewelry comes in many shapes and with a personal symbolic value. In this way, you will most likely find something that suits you and your deceased loved one. We find it important that you can wear a piece of jewelry for a long time and that it is not easily damaged. That is why you will only find jewelry made from durable materials, such as high-quality stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, silver and gold, in our range.

Can I also personalise the ashes jewelry?

It is also possible to personalise your ash jewelry by having it engraved with the name, date or a beautiful text. We work together with artists who, for example, forge a wedding ring into an ash ornament entirely according to your wishes. You cannot find the desired piece of jewelry? In that case you can send us a design or idea for the ash ornament. We can have your piece of jewelry made to measure. In this case, please contact us.

Fingerprint jewelry

Another way of personalising an ash ornament is through a fingerprint. By means of the fingerprint ashes jewelry, the memory of a special person remains forever. Fingerprint jewelry symbolises the bond with your child, father, mother or loved one. It is a personal piece of jewelry, a memento of your loved one which offers much comfort after the loss. A fingerprint is unique. Nobody in the world has exactly the same print. Together with our artists, we process the fingerprint of your loved one into a special piece of jewelry, such as a heart. We have various ash or memorial fingerprint jewelry, such as ash pendants with fingerprint or a ring with a fingerprint. We have fingerprint jewelry in gold, silver or stainless steel.

Ash jewelry made of stainless steel

The ash jewelry made from stainless steel are designed and made by hand by experienced silversmiths. Stainless steel is very suitable for making ash jewelry due to its hardness and hypoallergenic character. You do not have to worry about the ash ornament being damaged or scratched. The stainless steel used is type 316 (surgical steel). This is the highest quality steel used in the manufacture of jewelry. It is as durable and perhaps even more durable than silver or gold. Part of the collection is gold-plated. A thin layer of gold is applied to the stainless steel piece. So you have the luxury of gold for a competitive price.

Ash jewelry made of silver

All ash jewelry made of silver is made from 925 Sterling silver, which means that the piece of jewelry consists of 92,5% silver. The remaining 7,5% consists of an alloy to give strength to the ash jewelry. Characteristic of these ash jewelry pieces is their perfect finish. All silver jewelry bears a hallmark which qualifies that the jewelry has been tested and meets strict quality requirements.

Ash jewelry made of gold

We sell different gold ashes jewelry, such as gold ash pendants, bracelets and rings. These gold ash jewelry are designed and handmade by experienced goldsmiths. We offer white and yellow gold ash jewelry in 14 and 18 carats. It goes without saying that these jewels are also provided with a hallmark. In the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia, 14 carat gold is the most common form of gold jewelry. 14 carat means that it consists of 14/24th part gold. In percentages this is 58.5%. That is why 14 carat ash jewelry bears a stamp with the number 585. Which actually stands for the gold content in thousandths.

Pet ash jewelry

When your pet dies, it leaves a great void. That is why more and more animal lovers choose to keep (part of) their ashes. To always carry your pet with you, we also have animal-shaped pet ash jewelry made from silver, stainless steel and animal-shaped pet ash jewelry made from gold in our range. We have ash jewelry for dogs and cats, which often bear paw prints. We also offer jewelry in the shape of a butterfly, horse or bird, for example. 

Ashes bracelets

Whatever price range you are looking for, all ashes bracelets are of high quality and made of stainless steel, gold or silver. The quality is important, because a beautiful ash bracelet is timeless and should last a long time. The ash bracelets are designed and handmade by experienced silversmiths. Our extensive collection of bracelets is suitable for both women and men.

Memorial jewelry made of silver and gold

Our memorial jewelry is made in various designs and styles; from classical to modern. In this way, there is a good chance that you will find a special piece of memorial jewelry that suits you. A fitting keepsake. In these memorial jewelry, there is no room for the cremation ashes and they only have a symbolic value. A popular type of memorial jewelry is memorial jewelry with a fingerprint. We have these in gold, silver or stainless steel.

Do you need advice on purchasing ash jewelry? 

Would you like advice or more information about a product? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday during office hours. You can also fill in the contact form send an e-mail or chat with us. More advice on buying a memorial jewel, ashes pendant or ash jewelry.