Ceramic cremation ashes urn 'Big love' grey green

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Ceramic cremation urn for ashes, From sketch to finished urn
Ceramic urns are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of urn. They are manufactured from carefully selected materials to obtain a ceramic base from which the different models are created. Ceramic urns are glazed in different colors, and come in many pretty and colorful designs.

The first step in manufacturing a ceramic urn is to draw a sketch with the technical specifications. This sketch is used to create a plaster model as the base mould which will be used for all subsequent models. The different models are poured into this mould and left to dry, then smoothed off and fired at 900 °C or 1652 °F. After this the glaze is applied and they are fired again, this time at 1050 °C or 1922 °F.

More Information
Delivery timeApproximately 4 weeks
Shape / Symbol / ThemeCube, rectangele, round & triangle, Heart(s), Other shapes
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)23 cm - Ø 18 cm
Dimensions (h x w x d inch)9.1 in - Ø 7.1 in
Volume in liter3.0
Volume in cu inch183
Suitable forHolding the full amount of ashes
Suitable forBoth with and without ash bag
Suitable forIndoor