Brown heart shaped pet urn with silver pawprints | Small

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Handcrafted with love
Expererienced craftsmen with a lot of dedication and passion manufacture the heart shaped pet urns from brass and other high-quality materials. Completely free of any harmful substances. The quality products are characterised by their sublime design and finish, with attention to detail.

Every heart shaped pet urn from this brass serie is produced with care for people and their environment, without compromising on quality or design. The end result is a high-quality, and above all, honest product. Produced with love and care.

How the heart shaped pet urn for ashes is made
Manufacturing an urn begins with making the mould or folding the metal on a rapid rotation mould. The mould is like a sand formwork in which the die is pressed.

The molten metal is then poured into this hollow. Once the metal has set, the sand is removed with a brush and the raw bodies of the urn is sent to the workshop where manufacturing continues.

The main body is carefully polished, and figures and lines applied with a hammer and chisel. For some pet urns, this process takes place after the urn has been painted. Once painted, the extruded urn is placed in a drying oven, and then polished once again. A second coat of paint is applied, the pet urn is given a final polish and it is ready.

These heart shaped pet urns stand out for their delicate symbolic design, which makes them a beautiful, memento with the heart symbolising the soul.

More Information
Delivery timeApproximately 10 working days
Shape / Symbol / ThemeHeart(s), Pawprints
Dimensions (h x w x d in cm)7.5 cm - Ø 7 cm
Dimensions (h x w x d inch)3.0 in - Ø 2.8 in
Volume in liter0.08
Volume in cu inch5
Suitable forIndoor