How to fill funeral urns?

When you receive the cremated remains back from the crematory or funeral home, the remains are normally contained in some type of plastic bag. We recommend keeping the remains in the plastic bag, and then placing them into the urn. Should this be a uncomfortable action for you to do, we advice to talk to your funeral director or funeral home and ask them if they will do this for you. Depending on the model you can indicate to the crematory whether you want the ashes in a bag or a tin. Check the urn for damage before filling and gluing.

To fill
Make sure you fill the urn on a flat surface and a sufficiently large piece of paper, so any spills may easily be gathered with a flat brush. We have funeral urns in stock with a screw cap, a lid or a glue-on plate. Many urns are sealed by screws that hold the base or top to the body of the urn, using screws allow you to re-open the urn at a later date and add an additional item (ring, locket, or similar) should you wish to. Your urn can also be permanently sealed with a good quality sealant epoxy resin. Simply apply the epoxy around the rim of the access panel, and then securely fasten the panel on to the urn. Especially if you place the urn outside we advise you to glue it.


We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by filling and/or gluing urns. If you have questions about filling or gluing, please contact us so we can advise you.