House of Memories

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House of Memories. The most precious possession in difficult times is the memory of good times.

House of Memories, a columbarium that offers relatives and visitors a new space for personal grief experience in a secure environment. House of Memories is the modern extension or replacement of the traditional columbarium as we know it since the seventies and eighties. House of Memories creates a personal context for remembrance.

In the House of Memories the urn will be kept in a compartment that becomes part of the memory of the deceased and so transforming the personal experience. Due to its construction and design and using the latest multimedia technology, the House of Memories offers the seclusion of a unique space that allows you the time to reflect and to remember.

House of Memories can be placed in cemeteries, parks and on or near water.

Soft, light and harmonious
House of Memories offers visitors a place to relax, a place that provides space for a personal grieving process. The building has a soft look to invite you to enter. The shell is in the shape of an egg. This beautiful natural shape references both the vulnerability and primal strength of the oval shape, reflecting the essence of life.

The transition from the outside to the inside is pleasant and surprising. When entering, the senses are stimulated with carefully chosen materials in a harmonious color scheme, supported by images, sound, pleasant fragrances, and a soft music curtain that ensures a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

The urns are not immediately visible, but are located behind a wall of toughened glass. This wall is printed with the image of a serene landscape. The repository of the urn is part of a larger whole, just like people are.